Friday, July 30, 2010

Soaking in the culture

Some favorite things I've experienced here:

1. My favorite beach is Carazalillo. It is in a small, beautiful cove and has a few small outdoor restaurants with beach chairs and umbrellas. It is not as populated as some other areas, but for a good reason. Beach goers must descent 170 steps to get to the beach and the stairs are steep and winding. The ascent is obviously the killer. The water, however is beautiful turqoise, the food and drinks are cheap, the people are friendly. It's worth the climb every time!

2. Drinks by the beach. Here if you want to sit in a nice beach chair with or without an umbrella just plop yourself down. You can order a bottled water, pop, cerveza, margarita and then you are welcome to that chair all day if you want. No one hurries over to ask you to get up and move on. I have loved relaxing on a chair, watching the ocean, coversing with Angela, tina or other travelers or locals.

3. Watching the families. The families here seem very close and loving. I see mothers and father's alike caring for children. They seem very patient with crying toddlers and rambunctious youngsters. They laugh and smile and hug and kiss a lot. We see several generations out together enjoying the beach or at a restaurant. The children here are clearly adored.

4. The general polite and friendly nature. When you get on a Collectivo, the truck with the benches where everyone piles in for a ride, people are always willing to make room for one more. The men always give up their seats for women and children. They help each other ... strangers, foreigners, young, old, everyone who needs help receives it from the locals. I see venders chase people down to give them their change if the shopper has wandered off without it. Children have raced after me with packages I have set down. It just makes me feel good about humans in general.

5. the naked babies. That's probably not a politically correct thing to like but there it is. I love seeing the little naked babies running around the beach or in their own yards. Little tan bottoms and blindingly white bottoms run in innocent freedom to play comfortably in the warm weather. It always makes me smile.

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