Sunday, July 25, 2010

Post debutante lesbian

So Friday I thought,for sure, that Montezuma's revenge had finally caught up with me. I woke up with vomiting and diahrea and felt awful most of the day. Then i found out that Andy, our hotel manager, had the same thing the day after I did. Now poor Angela is stick in bed with it. I think it is a virus. Fortunately it seems to be short lived. Yesterday I was week and tired feeling but not too sickly to lie on the beach! I tried a little snorkeling but got motion sick after only a short time so I just swam a little then rested and read my book.

This morning Tina and I went to breakfast at a local bed and breakfast. We took a Taxi to Tabachin del Puerto because we saw an ad in a local paper and it looked promised local as well as international foods, including fried English breakfast. The cab turned down a narrow street and then into an even smaller alley. I thought he for sure had misunderstood where we were wanting to go, but no. I soon saw a sign for Tabachin Inn and Breakfast Restaurant. We walked up to the iron outer gate where an older white man with a grey beard held back his overly friendly dog and invited us in. He gestured that we should sit with the other diners ( as with most bed and breakfasts). Paul, the owner, is from the United States. He looked a little like a skinny Santa Claus. Tina accidentally said "yes ma'am" to him rather than "yes sir" and he quipped that he is often mistaken for woman especially if he wears a hat "I look like a post debutante lesbian or an bishop from an old church, which is pretty much the same thing." We all laughed and settled in for breakfast. Tina and I ordered our breakfast and decided to share them since we both wanted hot cakes AND eggs with bacon. Of course it all comes with black beans here. The orange juice and coffee came from Paul's own farms and were wonderful. The orange juice was the best i've ever had. At one point, when I mentioned that we were from Oklahoma the Australian lady mentioned that she loved the musical Oklahoma. Soon we were all singing, in various accents about the wind sweeping down the plain. I told her that I always wish life was a musical and that we could just sing and dance all the time. From then on we periodically broke out into song about breakfast, arguments, the ocean, etc. We laughed a lot. We have done a lot of laughing in general here in Mexico.
When I mentioned that I wanted to visit Germany some day, Sibyllo gave me her email address so that I might contact her when I do visit. Everyone we have met has been so friendly here. I loved it when one customer walked in to the bed and breakfast this morning and said "Paul, am I too late for breakfast?" He answered, "My dear, it is never too late for breakfast when you are at home." This feeling of welcome has followed us throughout our travels here.

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  1. you have always wanted your life to be a musical.... :-) AJ