Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Diving Certification

We (and by WE I mean Angela) got it approved for us to use grant money to get certified for open water diving here in Tulsa. It is cheaper here plus we can then go on various excursions while we are in Puerto Escondido! I am SO excited about this part of our trip. I first went scuba diving in Australia in the Great Barrier Reef - which will, of course, be hard to top! They had a dive where they taught you a few lessons on the sail boat then you held the instructor's hand while you dove to the reef. It was so beatiful, peaceful, scary, exhilarating, etc. I have wanted to get certified ever since then so that we can dive when we travel. I will try to get an underwater camera, like we did in Australia, to take and post pictures of our excursions!
Expanding my underwater horizons, Nisi

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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Culture and Language Grant to Mexico!

So there is this fabulous program called Funds for Teachers. It provides grant money to help teachers expand their minds and horizons, imcrease their knowledge and skills, and bring back their experiences to the classroom.

This year I am getting to participate in this fabulous opportunity. I, along with Angela and our friend Tina are going to Puerto Escondido Mexico to study language and culture. The grant pays our transportation, food, lodging, language school and items we purchase to bring back for enriching our classrooms. We will be gone for three weeks - YES three weeks!

While in Puerto Escondido we are attending language classes a couple hours each day, as well as volunteering at an orphanage. We will also be taking salsa and cooking lessons as well as mingling with the people there in the market place to learn about their culture.

It is my plan to soak it all in and bring it back to share with my co-workers and students. We are so excited for this opportunity. I am also a little nervous. I really don't speak much Spanish right now! I think facing the fear of a new place and new culture will be a big part of my growth. I will learn what it is to be a minority and to feel overwhelmed by things I don't understand. I will be blogging while on the trip so that my friends and co-workers can follow along on this amazing adventure! I will also post pictures so you can see what we are up to!

Thanks for following!
-denise, expanding my horizons in Puerto Escondido Mexico